Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

A corporate investigation is a thorough investigation of a business to uncover wrongdoing by management, employees, or a third party. A corporate investigation depends significantly on your needs.

Employee Misconduct

Let Viken Investigations navigate the sensitive matters related to employee misconduct to ensure the safety and security of your business and its employees and to maintain the highest level of workplace quality and efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with violations of workplace policies & procedures or criminal violations, let Viken Investigations provide a third party buffer through sensitive and thorough investigations.

Theft, Fraud & Embezzlement

Ensure thorough and honest handling of all workplace incidents involving theft, fraud, or embezzlement. With an extensive background in law enforcement and criminal violations, rest assured that Viken Investigations can address all your investigative needs.

Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Let Viken Investigations assist your business, human resources, or your insurance company with any work-related accidents and/or injury investigations. Pursue the truth and understanding of all workplace accidents and injuries to ensure a safer and more productive environment for all and to avoid dishonest claims and misuse of benefits.

Workplace Harassment, Stalking, Threats & Violence

With an extensive background in law enforcement and criminal violations, rest assured that Viken Investigations can address all your investigative needs as it relates to workplace harassment, stalking, threats, or violence. Ensure your workplace personnel has a safe and secure environment for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of your business.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Tracking

Viken Investigations can assist you in utilizing tracking devices within the confines of VA Code 18.2-60.5 indicating the legal tracking by:

–        “A registered private investigator… who is acting in the normal course of his business and with the consent of the owner of the property upon which the electronic tracking device is installed and placed”

–        “The owner of fleet vehicles, when tracking such vehicles”

Utilize our GPS tracking services to ensure the safety of your property and fleet vehicles

Workers Compensation & Malingering

Protect your business from falling victim to dishonest claims and misuse of benefits. Our investigative services can help protect your business from this through investigations pertaining to worker’s compensation claims and suspected malingering or misuse of leave benefits.

Hostile Terminations

Let Viken Investigations help give you the reassurance of having a third party present during terminations, especially suspected hostile terminations, for the purpose of serving as a non-bias witness, providing documentation, mediation, de-escalation, recording, security, or other needs.

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