Domestic Investigations

Domestic Investigations

An individual may hire Viken investigators when needing concrete evidence regarding personal or domestic matters.

Pre-Marital Verification

Viken Investigations can support you in your pursuit of marriage by conducting a thorough screening and verifying vital information about your future spouse. Allow yourself to move forward without doubts of truthfulness regarding your partner’s identity and past. Customize the extent of the background investigation to suit your needs and concerns.

Cohabitation Investigations

Whether you are considering cohabitation or suspect a spouse is cohabitating amidst a spousal support agreement, let Viken Investigations provide investigative services customized to your needs. The Virginia Code 20-109(A) provides for the termination of alimony “upon clear and convincing evidence that the spouse receiving support has been habitually cohabitating with another person in a relationship analogous to a marriage for one year or more.” Viken Investigation serves to investigate these particular situations or can look into a partner with whom you are considering entering into a cohabitation agreement.


Let Viken Investigations delicately and privately look into any suspicions of infidelity to help provide you the information necessary to move forward with clarity.

Domestic Violence

Need someone to take a sensitive look into a domestic violence situation but don’t feel like you can call the police?  Viken Investigations has specialized training and expertise in the specific area of domestic violence. Don’t let yourself or a loved one suffer any longer in a devastating, and potentially life-threatening situation. Let our professionals help.

Divorce Investigations

Ensure you are moving forward in a divorce with clarity and accurate information regarding your spouse’s actions, whereabouts, and involvements. From investigations regarding alimony/spousal support & child support concerns, child(ren) welfare checks, cohabitation concerns, adultery, undisclosed financial involvements, misconduct, violations of separation and/or child custody agreements, etc., Let Viken Investigations provide the investigative resources necessary to get the answers you need to proceed from a place of power.

Child Custody Investigations

Viken Investigations can provide the investigative resources you need to ensure you have all the answers and information possible to guarantee the best course of action for your child(ren).

Child Custody Exchange

Let Viken Investigations help give you the reassurance of having a third party present during child(ren) exchanges for the purpose of serving as a non-bias witness, providing documentation, mediation, de-escalation, recording, security, or other needs.

Child Abuse, Neglect, and Welfare Checks

Ensure your children are free from mistreatment by allowing our agency to investigate any suspicions of abuse or neglect in any situation. Viken Investigations can also conduct welfare checks on your children while in the care of another, to verify the standard of care and treatment.

Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Welfare Checks

Ensure your elderly loved ones are free from mistreatment by allowing our agency to investigate any suspicions of abuse or neglect in any situation. Viken Investigations can also conduct welfare checks on your elderly loved ones while in the care of another, to verify the standard of care and treatment.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Viken Investigations can provide services specific to spousal support and alimony investigations. Whether you suspect dishonest financial involvements, have confirmed spousal support agreement violations, are facing the refusal of another to pay agreed-upon monies, or an ex-spouse cannot be contacted, allow Viken Investigations to come alongside you with investigative services to provide you the answers you need.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Tracking

Viken Investigations can assist you in utilizing tracking devices within the confines of VA Code 18.2-60.5 indicating the legal tracking by:

–        A “parent or legal guardian of a minor… or any person authorized by the parent or legal guardian as a caretaker of the minor at any time when the minor is under the person’s sole care.”

–        “A legally authorized representative of an incapacitated adult”

–        “A registered private investigator… who is acting in the normal course of his business and with the consent of the owner of the property upon which the electronic tracking device is installed and placed”

Utilize our GPS tracking services to ensure the safety of your minor children, an incapacitated adult, or your property.

Caretaker Screening

Viken Investigations can provide a thorough screening of any caretaker, babysitter, nanny, transporter, elder care aid, etc.. that you entrust your loved one with. When you can’t be there with your children, an elderly parent or special needs loved one, Viken can give you peace-of-mind by ensuring they are with a safe person.


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