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    Cold Case Investigations

    If you or someone you know has been a victim of an unsolved crime, a private investigator from Viken Investigations can bring new, reliable, and effective methods to help solve otherwise forgotten cases.

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    Domestic Investigations

    An individual may hire Viken investigators when needing concrete evidence regarding personal or domestic matters.

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    Corporate Investigations

    A corporate investigation is a thorough investigation of a business to uncover wrongdoing by management, employees, or a third party.

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    Background Investigations

    A background investigation looks into a person’s professional and personal history.

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    Criminal Investigations

    Viken Investigation offers various services regarding Criminal Investigations that can be crucial to you or a loved one’s safety.

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    Protection Services

    Our team are very knowledgeable about self-defense training, hand-to-hand combat techniques, and trained to carry a weapon.

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    High Risk Transportation

    Viken Investigations provides discrete high-risk armed transportation of valuable goods and merchandise with a strict chain of custody and packaging procedures.

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    Other Investigations

    Viken Investigation offers various types of PI services that can help you crack any case.

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